Behind Closed Doors

Due to Covid 19 we are currently closed to the public. However, we continue to work behind closed doors and are taking telephone orders.

Please see our facebook page to keep up to date with current stock.


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Baskets & Containers planted to order

Sometimes customers prefer for us to plant up their baskets and containers.  We can discuss colour and plant preferences and use your own containers, baskets, or window boxes.  Drop in or give us a call: 051-562119

Baskets & containers planted to order 2

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Recycled plant holders

Reuse old decorative tins for small plants and herbs

Recycled tea canisters recycled into window sill herb garden containers. Drinking lots of tea this winter to save up the containers for spring planting sounds lovely!


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January Tasks

A new year brings a new plan and the beginning of the year is as good a time as any to review the year gone and plan for the year ahead.

This month is also one where the work done now will reap rewards later in the year.  January is still bare root planting time, weather permitting.  It is also a time to begin soil preparation, a task that will continue into Spring.  Pruning is on the agenda also.  Consider reviewing your roses and fruit trees to see what needs pruning.

January is a good month for general cleaning and tidying – getting the garden (and ourselves!)  in shape for the year ahead.  Think of clearing remaining leaves, freshening up lawn edges and top dressing flowerbeds and borders.

For more immediate reward why not create a winter display by filling some large pots with cyclamen, primroses or pansies.

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Alternative Christmas Tree

With today’s budget, and the ongoing Recession, many people are looking for ways to save money.  How about using your garden to create an alternative Christmas tree?  It’s a ‘real’ tree but unfortunately it won’t have the Christmas tree smell!

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December Tasks

While December is somewhat of a continuation of the November tasks there are also some additional tasks to consider.

Thinking of Christmas, you can cover some holly berry bushes with wire mesh to ensure you have some colour for Christmas.  However, think of the birds and make sure you don’t leave them without some berries.

Bare root planting is perfect for December – trees, shrubs, hedging, and roses.

December is also a good time for thinking about tool maintenance, especially if the weather doesn’t actually let you get out in the garden.

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Christmas from the Garden

Why not think about using your garden to make some Christmas gifts, decorations and arrangements?  Powerscourt are hosting a free event which will give you a demo and some ideas.  Check out the details below or visit their website

Carol Bone – Christmas From the Garden

Date: 21st & 28th Nov, 5th Dec
Time: 10.30am – 12pm
Location: Powerscourt Garden Pavilion
Cost: Free of charge
Description: Floral Artist Carol will create some beautiful Christmas floral arrangements and you will get some great ideas for your home and for Christmas gifts. This event is not to be missed!’
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Colourful Containers

Colourful Containers

Brighten up your winter with colourful containers

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Old Boot Container Idea

Container Ideas

Recycle Old Boots

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November Tasks

Autumn is a very important time in the garden with lots of preparation work for wonderful spring and summer gardens.  For example are your bulbs sown – finish planting tulips as soon as possible.  Also have you thought about ordering hedging for winter planting.

November is also a time for maintenance – check stakes and ties are secure on trees and climbers, empty pots of spent annuals, and rake up fallen leaves that could be sheltering slugs.

Also take care of what you have already – move containers of shrubs or winter bedding to a sheltered spot when conditions turn very cold, transplant shrubs that have outgrown their position, and prune rambling roses after flowering.

For more immediate reward think about planting winter colour such as heathers and trailing ivy.


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